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About HCN

What we do

HCN Group AB’s goal is to create shareholder value by maximizing the long-term asset value per share. The strategy to achieve this goal is described below.

01 Investment

Make new investments

HCN Group AB is working continuously to identify new investments. We have no geographical limitations and are prepared to invest in a variety of industries, with the reservation that our expertise and network can contribute to the company’s continued growth. Furthermore, it is important that the company has a clear growth potential, so we can actively support the company on its journey. We do all our investments with a long-term time horizon, because we believe that lasting value is created by sustainable and strategic work. In other words, we have no explicit exit strategy but by looking at our investments as a company we will live for a long time. In most investments, we intend to become the principal owner to be able to support the company in the best way. We also have good experience of working with other ownership constellations and are open to similar cooperation also in future investments.

Investment criteria

01 The company will benefit from HCN Group AB’s management and board experience, expertise and network.

02 The company should have clear potential for future growth and international expansion opportunities.


Create value in existing companies

HCN Group AB is working to make all holdings leaders in their respective business areas and thereby create value through growth and profit. We believe it is important for a company to be one of the biggest players in the market for the long term, be competitive and profitable. Therefore it is important for all holdings to find its niche where it can be number one or two. In order to influence the company’s direction an active board is needed. The board in its turn requires a higher stake, which HCN Group AB is looking to have in their holdings. The active board work is multifaceted, but can be exemplified by the nomination of board members, define business direction and strategy and evaluating capital structure, major investments, acquisitions and spin-offs. Perhaps the most important task of the board is, however, the election of the President and the recruitment of key staff. Whether business focus consists of business people and skilled employees is the primary key for success.


Financially readiness

From time to time, opportunities arise for the holdings to strengthen its market position through major acquisitions or restructuring transactions. HCN Group AB must therefore have sufficient financial strength to support holdings in such situations for them to achieve their strategic objectives.

HCN Group AB’s goal is to create shareholder value by maximizing the long-term asset value per share and creating financial readiness.


The origin story

HCN Group AB is based on the knowledge and history of entrepreneurship and investments which started with the investment and the establishment of Enzymatica AB in 2007 and and BIMobject in 2011. HCN Group AB as a holding company was founded in 2011 and has been involved in several company listning in Nasdaq First North and Spotlight Stock Market as well as the start of, among other things: Swedish Growth Fund in 2016.

HCN Group AB is an active owner that promotes long-term ownership. In the current situation HCN Group AB is a shareholder of six listed holdings, all with a clear strategy and focus and with great potential for future growth. Through long-term and active ownership, HCN Group AB contributes to a continued growth of the holdings and create value for its shareholders. The guiding principles of the work is true business acumen, commitment, dialogue and a low-cost profile. HCN Group AB is also open to new investments in both listed and unlisted companies with great growth potential and international expansion opportunities to add further value to HCN Group AB’s owners.