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About HCN Group

HCN Group AB is looking for Scandinavian growth opportunities to create sustainable, growing companies to create an investment portfolio with the ideas for tomorrow.

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A winning strategy


HCN Group invests both in unlisted small and medium-sized entrepreneurial companies and listed companies in the expansion phase.​

Business Development

A feature of the business concept is to maximize the company's net asset value through long-term active ownership or participation.


HCN Group AB’s goal is to create shareholder value by maximizing the long-term asset value per share and creating financial readiness.

Our Achievments

We're very proud of

Our Portfolio Holdings

Wearable heating, made in Sweden.

Vincent & Scales is shaped by their passion for watchmaking, mechanical engineering, and craftsmanship.

Idogen är ett svenskt bioteknikbolag baserat i Lund.

Follicums forskning och utveckling fokuserar på stimulering av hårtillväxt samt diabetes.

Our Team

Staffan Bergqvist


Previous positions:
Board member Enzymatica AB
Board member BIMobject AB

Jesper Ahlqvist

Senior auditor

Mazars SET Revisionsbyrå AB
Auditor since 2011.

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