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Inuheat is an innovative ingredient brand company that offers wearable heating technology to the global clothing industry.

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Inuheat Wearable Heating Platform (IWHP) can make it easy to integrate active heating into textile products. Today, Inuheat offers its heating solution to leading global clothing companies Inuheat chooses to focus purely on developing an excellent heating system and to drive this development further than anyone else. It’s a simple business idea: With the market’s best wearable heating system, implemented in clothes from the best-known clothing brands, you get the most attractive products for outdoors, sports and work professionals. Helping large customer groups that need to be comfortably warm in cold and harsh environments. IWHP offers a complete system for wearable heating, with all parts needed to easily design, produce and distribute top quality heated garments. The Inuheat Online cloud-based management service offers partners within IWHP direct access to garment data and statistics, together with CRS, like post sales activities and more. Visit Website

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