BIMobject hires Massimo Guerini for the italian market

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Jul 25, 2014
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BIMobject hires Massimo Guerini for the italian market

As a part of BIMobject®´s growth strategy to become the dominant player in Europe before 2017, BIMobject has today hired Massimo Guerini for the italian market.

Massimo brings more than 25 years of qualified experience in CAD, 3D and BIM within the building industry. With extensive experience in international business, he will be an integral part of the global management team, that will lead BIMobject into a leading position in the growing BIM industry.

Massimo started his career as a software developer in the late 80´s where he built parametrical libraries for Rucaps Sonata which was one of the earlier  softwares for object modeling. He changed soon to a sales position where he built up a sale channel for the distribution of  Reflex software in Italy. By joining Revit Technology in an early stage, he developed sales for Italy, Portugal and Israel from 1999 to 2002.

During Autodesk´s acquisition of Revit 2002, he joined Autodesk as a AEC sales manager in Italy. Through his sales expertise, his area was number one in sales of Revit during many years. In 2007 he became sales director of southern Europe, where he had a team of 33 salespeople.

Massimo will now lead and manage the italian part of BIMobject and will be responsible for the italian manufacturers, especially within furniture, kitchens, lighting and design. He has an extensive network within the BIM field and the construction industry which will contribute to BIMobject´s development in Italy.

”It will be a great asset for BIMobject to work with Massimo Guerini. With his skills and local expertise, we are very proud to have him in our team since Italy is an important part of our strategy” Says, Stefan Larsson  CEO of BIMobject AB.

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