100 developers committed to BIMscript® and LENA

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Jul 29, 2016
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Aug 30, 2016
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100 developers committed to BIMscript® and LENA

BIMobject AB today announce that its unique development technology BIMscript and LENA has reached 100 developers who are using the solution to develop BIM software native, highly intelligent and industry standard BIM objects based on mechanical CAD data.

BIMscript and LENA is an innovative technology and cloud solution designed to streamline and accelerate the process of BIM content creation. BIMscript enables objects to be created in BIMobject® LENA and then hosted and managed in the BIMobject Cloud. All the geometric data comes from mechanical CAD files which are used for the design and production for the actual product, making this workflow a closed information loop.

“For BIMobject this is crucial to scale our business, we need this form of life cycle processes also on the product side, not only on the building side. With BIMscript and LENA we offer something unique, a value proposition where the big community of developers can earn money on our technology. For Manufacturers this secures their investment, making it future proof and enables production of BIM objects by their own engineering department, this speeds up time to market for their digital versions of their real products,” says CEO and founder Stefan Larsson.

“This technology will enable an accelerated process when it comes to creating digital replicas of manufacturers products. The digitalisation of the construction industry will proceed even faster with this solution. We can see a high demand from people wanting to facilitate their work and accelerate the process of BIM content creation. There are users creating objects for Manufacturers using this tool, which means that we are getting more and more manufacturer specific content on the BIMobject Cloud, accelerating our growth,” says product manager BIMscript and LENA Emil Augustsson.


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