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Mar 18, 2017

Vincent & Scales

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The Watchmaking Company

Vincent & Scales was formed by a passion for watchmaking, mechanical engineering and craftsmanship, that has matured over the years and become a truly independent watchmaking company.

It was the passion for gear trains, creative design work and craftsmanship that brought me into precision watchmaking. I was first introduced to the world of gears and transmissions when I began working with gear manufacturing. This was a hands-on workshop job, and my experience in gear cutting and gear train manufacturing for various machine applications provided me with valuable knowledge for the future.

From gear manufacturing and the workshop I continued with theoretical studies in mechanical engineering at university. I have achieved knowledge in precision watchmaking over the years through theoretical studies, specialized practical watchmakers training courses, and by studying the history and development of micro mechanical engineering in fine watchmaking over the past hundred years.

This history of fine watchmaking is a legacy that I am determined to carry forward. It’s also a source of inspiration and the reason I keep striving for perfection. Simplicity and elegance are my leading themes and the key elements in my watch designs.
During the years studying and learning watchmaking and watch design I have established a great network and partnerships within the watchmaking industry across Switzerland, France and the UK. Today, I am pleased to be surrounded by a network of the world’s best companies and people in the watchmaking industry. This network continually inspires me to create and make watches based on traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, and to bring this tradition forward to provide customers with high-end precision watches through my company Vincent & Scales.

Kalle Sax,
Founder of Vincent & Scales