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It all started with a question: Why do we sit so much?

The story of Freedesktop already began several years ago when the founder, Stefan, for the first time heard about the disadvantages of that simply sit down and work and the benefits of being able to switch between standing and sitting. The realization planted the seed around ideas for how we can all to easily be able to stand up and working when we want. A seed which later developed into Freedesktop.

Stefan began to set a chair on a desk where the seat cushion became an elevated work area, perfect to set example a computer on. Further development was done by a flat disc was put on the seat cushion, and there was born the idea for what is Freedesktop today; a tabletop that are easy to access and remove, and are quick and easy to adjust in height.

Freedesktop is developed, designed and constructed in southern Sweden. From being a loose idea (a chair on a table) is Freedesktop now a finished product. We are fighting themselves yet to explain Freedesktop few words. Thankfully we do not have it because the product is self-explanatory! Freedesktop is designed with craftsmanship and availability as core values. With great pride we can say that Freedesktop now ready to help people achieve a more active and healthier life!

Developing core is in Lund and Malmö area and in cooperation with experts from all over Sweden.