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Bambwa is a an app driven music service for emerging markets where users pay with their actions (watching a short video, answering a few
questions) at times that are unobtrusive to the user experience. Thus, the service is free for the end user. Instead it is local and
international ad networks and media agencies that pay Bambwa its revenue.

Bambwa will team up with local mobile phone operators to offer its app as a stock app on their phones. In addition to its music service, Bambwa
will develop its Transaction EngineTM to maximize revenue from its user actions.

The emerging music markets as a whole is ripe for a music service tailored to its specific needs which are largely being ignored by the global
players with their subscription based services developed for the US/EU market. By acknowledging key facts such as downloads, not streaming, is
the preferred consumption method due to high data traffic rates and that most of the power lies with the mobile operators – Bambwa is
capitalizing on a mostly untapped opportunity.

The most difficult step for any business relying on a freemium app model is to have its app discovered by interested users. Bambwa effectively
bypasses this step by contracting with mobile operators to have its app included as a stock app on phones sold by them.

Together with the operators, Bambwa will also send targeted text message campaigns to existing smartphone owners. The networks Bambwa have been
in contact with are very supportive of this strategy as they expect increased data traffic from a music service that is free to the end user.

The team of Bambwa have their experience and competencies in sales and marketing and are teaming up with 24/7 Entertainment to get the best
possible distribution of music and related content.