Communications Policy

HCN Group AB has adopted a communication policy aimed in particular at ensuring that the company meets the requirements for proper information to the stock market. This policy has been adopted by the Board. The policy applies to all employees and directors of the company and covers both written information and verbal statements. According to the policy HCN Group AB’s financial and other communication always comply with relevant rules for the market it operates at and with good stock market practice. CEO bears ultimate responsibility for the company’s communications and ensures that all planned statements that contain essential information reviewed.

The company is totally focused on creating value for shareholders, which includes providing investors with financial information of high quality. The aim is to ensure that the company’s communication always is consistent with applicable law and securities law rules that apply to HCN Group AB as a listed company. Another goal is to maintain a very good relationship with financial market participants, including the business press, by proactively providing relevant and timely information in a professional manner.

Communications Policy includes routines for press releases, financial statements, annual reports and Annual General Meeting, analyst meetings and other presentations as well as the processing of information on the company’s website. The policy also covers crisis communication and the information leaks.

Disclosure of information

HCN Group AB’s goal is to provide ongoing, timely and accurate information to its shareholders and other stakeholders. As the company pursues an effective and updated information dissemination and low costs for administration and management of limited distribution to shareholders to the extent possible. The annual report is sent only to those who requested it. Financial reports and other relevant information to shareholders will be available on the company website. Significant events are published through press releases.

As part of revealing the company values ​​publishes HCN Group AB’s net asset value calculations on the company’s website.

Insider policy and insider list

HCN Group AB’s Board of Directors has adopted an insider policy as a complement to the insider legislation in Sweden. This policy is applicable to the Board and the employees who have access to inside information. Each person covered by the insider policy notified accordingly. Insider Policy sets including procedures for “closed periods”, meaning that trading in financial instruments issued by HCN Group AB (and related financial instruments) is prohibited during the thirty days prior to the publication of financial reports, the day of publication included. The policy also establishes procedures regarding the persons covered by the policy should proceed when trading in financial instruments issued by HCN Group AB.

The company has an insider committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and CEO. Insider Committee decides whether an event or information are to be regarded as inside information and, if need be published. The committee also decides on the possible postponement of the publication of inside information where that is justified.

According to the Market Abuse Regulation ( “mar”) is HCN Group AB is obliged to list all the people in positions and its affiliated persons. All the people in leading positions have been informed of their reporting obligations when trading in financial instruments issued by HCN Group AB (or related financial instruments). HCN Group AB for an internal insider list (so-called logbook) of people who have access to inside information about the company in accordance with recommendations issued by the FSA. This list shall include information about all persons with access to inside information, the type of registered inside information and once the register updated. The shape of the list satisfy the requirements imposed by March The persons included in the insider list are notified immediately of the registration and of what this means.

Sustainable Growth

HCN Group AB believe that successful long-term development is closely linked to being a good corporate citizen. This means that the company has a responsibility in areas such as the environment, labor and human rights. The work has two dimensions, as employers and foremost as the owner of the listed companies.

HCN Group AB has adopted an ethics policy with guidelines regarding the company’s attitude towards the public, shareholders and employees with regard to the responsibility that the company’s market position entails. HCN Group AB also works for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that provides guidelines how the company should act in matters concerning societal and environmental issues. As a basic condition has HCN Group AB that all activities must harmonize with established laws and generally accepted principles and that continuous monitoring of this is done. That is mainly through board work in the holdings as HCN Group AB has guidelines and objectives in both, established and enforced. Then the holdings operating in different segments and geographies, it is of great importance to sustainability principles adapted to each company’s challenges and opportunities. By acting proactively in current issues, opportunities are created to be able to quickly take the initiative to meet new demands and needs of both the market and the customer. For some of the companies, sustainability is additionally a key strategic factor that increases their competitiveness. HCN Group AB protects good working environment for employees and supports the “OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises”. The Company also operates through board work for the holdings and shall act as the employer for a good working environment, safety and health of their workers. This implies that local rules and regulations must be observed in the countries and geographies holdings are active in. The policy HCN Group AB has established environmental issues relate primarily to function as owners but also as an employer. The policy calls for increased awareness of resource consumption, reduced emissions and in addition environment-related issues. HCN Group AB has an office with only a few employees and therefore have little direct impact on the climate.