Rethinking Care Sweden AB initiates cooperation with MedHelp AB

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Rethinking Care Sweden AB initiates cooperation with MedHelp AB

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Rethinking Care Sweden AB ( “Rethinking Care”), through its e-health platform Agilit connected MedHelp AB’s ( “MedHelp”) IT systems with the medical record that Aleris Medical center ( “Aleris”) in Armadale use. This means that MedHelps nurses can remotely take over responsibility for all incoming calls to the health center for counseling and appointments. In addition, Agilit Swedish AB signed an agreement with MedHelp of continued cooperation.

MedHelp has a call center with 200 nurses. By connecting them to Aleris Medical center they have access to parts of the health center’s medical record and can provide Aleris with a complete telephone service in the same way as if they were present at the health center. The nurses can provide safe medical advice, answer questions about the test results and the consultation responses and book medical appointments directly in the health center’s medical record. This provides a higher quality of care and cost-effective care by the right patient booked at the right level. In addition, the phone queues from one day to another are greatly shortened. It is the first time that this type of e-health integration has been made in Sweden, starting in Stockholm County Council ( “SCC”). Implementation has been a collaboration between Aleris, MedHelp, SLL and Agilit. Through the cooperation, the inhabitants of Armadale have better access to care and better service.

In addition, Agilit Swedish AB December 16, 2016 signed an agreement with MedHelp of continued cooperation. The agreement applies to call-off products and SAAS services from Agilits e-health platform and support. The contract runs for one year with the possibility of annual renewal.

Fredrik Eriksson, Director of Aleris Medical center in Tyreso, comments
– We have already seen the benefits of the service. The availability for our patients have become better and MedHelp ensures that patients get the help they need. We have never been through the entire telephone queue already at nine o’clock in the morning, says Fredrik Eriksson, Director of Aleris Medical center in Tyreso.

Björn Arkinger, Director of health services, MedHelp comments
– We are very satisfied with the technical solution. It’s really positive to be able to create a smart e-health solution that will directly benefit patients, says Björn Arkinger, Director of health services, MedHelp.

Fredrik Thafvelin, President of Rethinking Care, comments
– This is a good example of how our IT integrations with good cooperation between MedHelp, Aleris, SLL and Agilit in a simple way has streamlined and improved health care. Our e-health platform Agilit has made it possible to think in new ways and thereby create real added value for the inhabitants of Tyresö. It’s just one in a series of health centers with the same challenge, says Fredrik Thafvelin, President of Rethinking Care.

About MedHelp AB
MedHelp is a service company with smart solutions for eHealth that contribute to public benefit and development. The company simplifies and helps businesses, organizations, and health care. In MedHelps role as care provider, the company offers healthcare remotely with medical counseling and other digital services. MedHelp has several hundred nurses who help sick with competent advice over the health remotely. Head support with medical and health declaration makes it easier for managers. The company’s work in eHealth means to provide security through monitoring and dialogue with the chronically ill. The care can help health-related services and MedHelp are agents for many big hospitals. To MedHelp covering the Nordic countries make the company big enough to help the world’s leading companies and organizations. Headquartered in Stockholm. Operations are conducted around the clock, year round. MedHelps home market is the Nordic region. In Europe, the company is one of the largest health care operators in the industry.

About Aleris
Aleris is one of Scandinavia’s leading private health care companies. The activities are broad and cover specialist care, primary care and diagnostics, elderly care and home care, support and accommodation for young and psychological care for adults. Aleris has nearly 10,000 employees in 450 operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. As a private operator the company wants to be a good partner to the public health and social care, as well a supplement as an integral part.

For more information about Agilit Svenska AB, please contact:

Gunnar Strand – CEO
Phone: 08-27 57 50

For more information about the Rethinking Care, please contact:

Fredrik Thafvelin – CEO
Telephone: 046-38 67 41

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