CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment

HCN Group AB operates under and complies with applicable laws and regulations. We add shareholder value ethically and responsibly to thus win ambient confidence.

HCN Group AB strives to be a good corporate citizen through the influence and also takes responsibility needed which is the result of an active ownership role. It is only with the environment and society that long-term profitability and growth in value can be created. Below HCN Group AB’s CSR policy that is written partly from an ownership perspective and also from an employer’s perspective.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Owners Perspective

HCN Group AB and associates strives to uphold ethical and professional manner through influence work. This means that companies are continuously invited to consider important issues such as business ethics, respect for the individual, the environment, health, gender equality and community involvement. The possibilities and conditions of this varies between different companies, industries and countries. Thus, it is up to each company to identify the relevant issues for their respective activities. Management is encouraged further to elucidate this process and report this and the actions to the Board.

To comply with local and national laws and regulations is a prerequisite.

In addition, HCN Group AB focuses on the following key areas:

  • Observe good business ethics and act responsibly with high integrity.
  • Identify and monitor existing international conventions (such as the UN Declaration of Human Rights) and comply with OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises.
  • Encourage associates and suppliers to meet the relevant CSR requirements.
  • In all activities, directly and indirectly, aim to reduce and prevent pollution.
  • At profitability and risk assessments in environmental business should always be considered. This is particularly true when investment appraisals.

Employer Perspective

HCN Group AB, the employer:

  • Provide a safe and secure working environment.
  • Work for all employees to gain insight, participation and responsibility.
  • Treat everyone equally in terms of gender, nationality, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, disability and background. All must have equal opportunities in terms of jobs and career opportunities.
  • Work to minimize environmental impact through recycling and other similar measures. HCN Group AB’s impact on the environment, that non-manufacturing companies, assessed directly as minor since the company conducts an extremely limited operations from offices. However, it seems HCN Group AB to recycle as much office supplies as possible and cut down on the consumption of resources, for example, paper and electricity.
  • Generally working HCN Group AB continuously with improvements in issues relating to environment, social and human rights. This work is evaluated continuously. HCN Group AB is also as far as possible available for an open dialogue with those affected by its activities. HCN Group AB may affect these issues is through board representation, due diligence processes, and by trying to raise awareness of these issues through both formal and informal contacts.

HCN Group AB beyond CSR policy ethical guidelines approved by the Board. Excerpts from this are as follows:

Social ethics – Responsibility towards society

To manage the business as a responsible corporate citizen and to act in accordance with the applicable law, teenagers, to express support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights. To ensure that the company does not contribute to human rights abuses, and always consider health, safety and environment in order to contribute to sustainable development. To the extent HCN Group AB may affect that encourages its portfolio companies to apply similar ethical guidelines.

Transparency and communication

HCN Group AB’s policy is to be open and accessible and to provide factual and continuous information about the company’s progress. Information that is essential for the company’s stakeholders must always be disclosed as soon as circumstances permit.


HCN Group AB wishes to contribute to ecologically sustainable development. To the extent that environmental considerations are evident in the HCN Group AB’s operations are therefore HCN Group AB’s attitude to give careful consideration to the relevant environmental aspects.

Community relations

HCN Group AB to act in a socially responsible way and within the framework of applicable laws. To contribute to social and economic development activities should be managed professionally and profitably.