Concept & Goals

Business Concept

HCN Group AB is a privately owned company that works for long-term growth in companies, the company has no branch limitations of their investments. HCN Group AB’s business concept is to maximize the company’s asset value through long-term ownership and professional investments. Creating value through active ownership in existing portfolio companies and investments in new acquisitions with a strong potential for value growth. A key factor in the implementation of HCN Group AB’s business concept is the managements and boards experience, skills and networks.


  • To maximize shareholder value growth through the company’s net worth. Measured over a business cycle should be higher than the growth in value of the average of the Swedish company in the stock market, as measured by the OMX First North and AktieTorget.
  • The Company’s objective is that the long-term net debt should not exceed 30% of the company’s total assets.